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Animal Sounds: Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound

Diagnostic Ultrasound has become the modality of choice for non-invasive investigation of soft tissue, including abdominal, echocardiography, thorax and small parts such as thyroid and musculoskeletal structures. The results of high quality, advanced techniques in ultrasound yield a great deal of information in the diagnostic work-up for the general practitioner and specialist alike.

What is Animal Sounds?

Animal Sounds is a mobile veterinary ultrasound service located in Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley. The service is owned by Dr. Eric Lindquist, DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice), Cert. IVUSS, of Sonopath.  Amanda Lacey is the current sonographer for Animal Sounds and Sonopath in Oregon.

Current Services through ASNW

Abdominal Study
Cardiac/Thoracic Study & ECG
Orthopedic Study
Thyroid Study
Pregnancy Check
Fine Needle Aspirate Procedures
Telecytology and Teleradiology via Sonopath

How Can Animal Sounds Benefit My Veterinary Practice?

  • The pet, client, and treatment remain with your practice, no referral necessary.
  • Your patient gets an ultrasound when they need it. We have a sonographer on the road Monday – Friday, with a flexible appointment schedule to fit your needs.
  • Our team ensures fast, efficient scans, with the highest level of images that you have come to expect, and also keep your valuable doctor/tech time into consideration.
  • Results with in 24 hours or less, to help expedite the continued care of your patient.

Our Latest Posts

“The Vomiting Boa Constrictor” — Sonopath’s January 2017 Case Of The Month

“The Vomiting Boa Constrictor” — Sonopath’s January 2017 Case Of The Month

Jan 02 2017

  There are very few things as impressionable from an exotic practice standpoint as a vomiting and dehydrated boa constrictor. This was a heartfelt sonogram, with…

Sonopath’s October Case of the Month —  SAM-I-AM (Systolic Anterior Motion)

Sonopath’s October Case of the Month — SAM-I-AM (Systolic Anterior Motion)

Oct 04 2016

Ever want to know how to dissect out a HCM heart sonographically regarding hypertrophy, dynamic outflow obstruction (SAM), bi-directional turbulence and decide if…

Diagnosis and Treatment Guide for your Practice

Diagnosis and Treatment Guide for your Practice

Mar 22 2016

We are thrilled to announce the release of: The Curbside Guide. It’s a pragmatic internal medicine manual that melds the medicine with the sonogram,…

Welcome Amanda Lacey!

Welcome Amanda Lacey!

Aug 16 2015

              Eric and I are very pleased to welcome Amanda Lacey to the Animal Sounds team.…

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