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Animal Sounds Customer Survey

Jun 23 2022



Apr 27 2022

        Animal Sounds NW is happy to announce that starting May 4, 2022 we will be servicing ALL Eugene,…

We are hiring!

Feb 17 2021

Ready to get out and spread your wings with a new challenge? Animal Sounds North West Veterinary Mobile Ultrasound is looking for…

January 2021 COM: Remarkably Large Ectopic Ureter

Jan 16 2021

A 4-month old mixed breed puppy was surrendered to a rescue after being “rejected by breeder” for leaking urine. An ultrasonographic examination…

December 2020: Heidi’s Ninja Moves Pays Off: Right Auricular Check After Unremarkable Abdominal Ultrasound

Dec 10 2020

Species: CanineGender: MaleAge: 4yrWeight: 73.6lbsBreed: Labrador Retriever HistoryA 4-year-old intact male labrador retriever presented for depression, weight loss, intermittent vomiting bile, decreased appetite, and greenish, mucoid ocular…

A² + B² = C² “The Telemed Sonogram Theorem”: Our Case Of the Month Nov. 2019

Nov 04 2019

Our very own rockstar sonographer, Amanda Lacey, is featured in this month’s Case of the Month! Immediate comprehensive sonogram & Interpretation +…

August 2019 Sonopath Case of the Month: Post-Hepatic Obstruction With Chronic Cholangitis In A 12-Year-Old FS Poodle Mix

Sep 05 2019

Pain, icterus, elevated total bilirubin and liver values – a bell goes off in every sonographer’s head over this combo. Effectively imaging…

July 2019 Sonopath Case of the Month: 7-Year-Old MN Boston Terrier With Grain Free Diet-Related Systolic Dysfunction

Jul 31 2019

Recent studies have increased public awareness of a possible link between certain diets (grain free, boutique brand, exotic ingredient) and systolic dysfunction…

Post-Hepatic Obstruction By A Duodenal Papilla Calculus In A 9-Year-Old FS DSH Cat: Sonopath Case Of the Month July 2019

Jul 11 2019

High-end views are extremely important for all patients to provide an accurate diagnosis. SonoPath Mobile’s own Shari Reffi, CVT, SDEP™ certified clinical…

Aldosterone Secreting Adrenal Tumor in an 11-Year-Old FS DSH Cat: Sonopath Case Of the Month June 2019

Jul 11 2019

Adrenal tumors are rare in cats and there are not a lot of reports in the veterinary literature. A journal article from…