February 2019 SonoPath Case Of The Month | If the FNA is inconclusive look for unicorns!

March 11, 2019
Animal Sounds NW

Watch out for imposters…

If you hear hoof beats look for horses. If the FNA is inconclusive look for unicorns. When everything points to intestinal lymphosarcoma from a clinical and sonographic presentation, remember there are other more treatable imposters out there. This is one of those cases.

Many thanks to Dr. John Ammeraal from American Animal Hospital for the management of this case and providing the diagnostic images. Another thanks goes out to Dr. Wendy Turner at Andover Animal Hospital for her surgical management of this case. A joint effort with a great outcome.

If you’re interested in learning the 17-point abdominal and/or 7-point echocardiogram SDEP™ ultrasound protocol, check out our 2019 schedule(below the case study).

2019 SDEP™ Ultrasound Training

SDEP™ is an innovative standardization of the sonographic process designed to maximize the image sets of traditional and alternative approaches and facilitate in-house or telemed evaluation.

This protocol is repeatable by any type of sonographer with a rapid learning curve of standard and high-end views as its hallmark. Learn more about the SDEP™ protocol.