December 2020: Heidi’s Ninja Moves Pays Off: Right Auricular Check After Unremarkable Abdominal Ultrasound

December 10, 2020
Animal Sounds NW
Species: Canine
Gender: Male
Age: 4yr
Weight: 73.6lbs
Breed: Labrador Retriever

A 4-year-old intact male labrador retriever presented for depression, weight loss, intermittent vomiting bile, decreased appetite, and greenish, mucoid ocular discharge. Blood work revealed mild leukocytosis and mild hyperglobulinemia.
An abdominal ultrasound was performed after a 3-month long history of ADR. Although the abdominal scan was unremarkable, SDEP® Certified Sonographer, Heidi Putman did a quick right auricular check and saw evidence of thoracic pathology through obvious effusion and necrosis. After further investigation, Heidi located a linear foreign body in the chest. The patient was transferred to a specialty facility for surgical removal of a foxtail and concurrent lung lobectomy.
A special thank you to Dr. Kris Willlaman from South Willamette Veterinary Clinic in Creswell, Oregon for the wonderful management of this case and Heidi Putnam from Animal Sounds NW for her ninja ultrasound skills!