Enhancing Diagnostic Efficiency Through Ultrasound.

SonoPath offers a multi-pronged educational telemedicine™ approach with competitive pricing. We are a small niche group and strive to provide a personalized service to all of our customers. SonoPath has a team of specialists you can choose from for cardiology, cytology, internal medicine, oncology and radiology. 

Founded by Dr. Eric Lindquist DVM (Italy), DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice), Cert. IVUSS, the SonoPath international veterinary community provide a virtual think tank regarding the utilization of ultrasound in veterinary practice. Educational products, specialist folders, clinical case studies, presentation topics and schedules, clinical consultations, clinical search engine and more are developing rapidly at

What is Educational Telemedicine™?

Our high-quality reports include an internal medicine approach from our boarded specialists. Each specialist strives to educate through comprehensive reporting: 

  • Thoroughly explaining their findings
  • Including pathology markings on images
  • Making themselves available for any questions you may have
  • Offering treatment recommendations
SonoPath Specialists

Our specialists are a collaboration of very talented minds from all over the world that reflect the same style of sonography and approach to veterinary medicine as a whole, while providing educational telemedicine™ in EVERY report.

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Come join the SonoPath community and look at medicine “From the Inside Out”!

The International Veterinary Ultrasound Society’s goals are to promote research and provide education in ultrasonography to all groups performing diagnostic ultrasound in veterinary medicine. The primary method by which the society promotes research in and provides education in veterinary ultrasonography is through organization of an annual meeting.

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