Animal Sounds provides comprehensive abdominal, echocardiographic and small parts ultrasound exams. I use the state of the art General Electric Logiq e   system with the latest software and four probes – a system that can accommodate all scanning possibilities.

To Schedule an Appointment:

1. Call me to schedule an appointment (541-357-9423).
2. Submit Request
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To Expedite an Appointment

  • Shave the patient in the appropriate areas prior to the scheduled appointment time (after receiving owner permission).  Please see images to the right or I can help to demonstrate the necessary shaving patterns.
  • Sedate the patient as necessary (after receiving owner permission.) Patient comfort and reduced anxiety with sedation administration, especially for abdominal studies, will give the best diagnostic yield. If FNA or biopsy guidance is requested, sedation or anesthesia is very important. Administration of any drugs and monitoring of the patient are the responsibilities of the requesting rDVM.

Because this is a mobile service and appointments may vary due to cancellations, add-on cases, etc., it would be helpful if the pet is dropped off earlier than the scheduled appointment time. If there are cancellations, I will call to check if the appointment can be moved up. If you would like to add an appointment, adding on a patient is usually no problem but please call me beforehand to verify an additional appointment.

A veterinary technician or assistant will be needed to hold the pet during the exam. Also, if sedation or anesthesia is used, monitoring by a veterinary technician should be provided. The exam usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Once completed, the exam images are uploaded to an interpretation service. Boarded specialists from radiology, internal medicine, cardiology and ABVP are available for interpretation depending on the type of report requested.  Turn-around time is 4-24 hours.  A STAT interpretation service is available for an additional fee.

Owner attendance for any ultrasound exam is not permitted due to liability issues.