Splenocaval Shunt with Minor Microhepatica in a 1-year-old MN DSH Cat: Our Case Of the Month November 2018

November 19, 2018
Animal Sounds NW

A smaller than average cat or dog, failing to thrive, with high post-prandial bile acids

When all signs point to a potential liver shunt, the pressure is on! It is essential to acquire precise imaging of the liver and the portal hilus to deliver the diagnosis with confidence.

Dr. Eric Lindquist imaged this smaller than average feline patient and nailed it with a diagnosis of a definitive splenocaval shunt utilizing  SDEP™ positions 13 and 14 along with Doppler evaluation.

Special thanks to Dr. Kristen Casulli, Dr. Chris Hallihan, and the attentive staff at Animal Care Centers of Flanders for the management of this case.

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