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Tips For a Smooth Exam:

***IMPORTANT for ABDOMINAL SCANS: PLEASE HAVE PATIENT FASTED 10-12 HOURS BEFORE SCAN. *** This will increase the probability of seeing structures such as pancreas and pylorus. Very important for any GI scans.

Please try to shave the pet appropriately prior to the exam time. This will save everyone time and expedite the process. Please see “How to shave for an ultrasound” under the scheduling tab.

***To reduce the patient anxiety, increase technician comfort and afford the best ultrasound exam possibility, it is advisable to have light sedation administered at the time of the exam. This is of course completely up to the ordering veterinarian. (example would be Butorphanol).

Try to have the patient dropped off in advance of the appointment. If I have cancellations, I may be able to move the exam time up and will call for approval.

A technician (or two for large dogs) will be necessary to hold the patient and administer sedation if necessary.

If you have additional patients to do and would like to add them on, it is usually not a problem. Please give me a call however to give advanced notice.